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Our company has been established in 1983 in Syria and currently has offices in Beirut - Lebanon , Amman - Jordan and Bristol - UK. And recently an office in Dubai. the business of the company is broadly based and embraces the introduction of the international companies into the Levant. In Syria our range of contacts both in the public and private sectors is impressive and therefore it is in a position to identify real opportunities and valid market.

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Our Investment


Concorde Tartous

Wahoud Group was granted a license this year to build, in joint venture with partners from the United Arab Emirates (Concorde Dubai), a 5-star 250-rooms hotel...

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HALL Business Hotel

When you go out on business trips, you want to stay at a hotel that understands your needs in such a subject. HALL Business Hotel is designed to be...

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AL Nada Hospital-Latakia

The opening of Al Nada Hospital was in the beginning of 2006 .A top modern hospital fully equipped with high quality developed equipment for health care...

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Antaradus Project

Wahoud Group, the company that will carry out the project, Antaradus, is a joint stock company with a capital of USD 200 million. The partners are the Municipality of Tartous...

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Kempinski Hotels

Kempinski Hotels is a German-based hotel management firm focused on 5-star luxurious hotels. In the Middle East region, Kempinski Hotels operates hotels and resorts in the UAE...

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Trading & Contracting

Doing Business With Us

Wahoud Group offers many interesting investment opportunities. We sincerely invite companies and businessmen from all over the world to act as partner with us for our mutual interests and benefits.

We create opportunities and value for those who work with us. We believe in working as one company, sharing knowledge across investment streams and borders.

We welcome any partnership in the following domains :
Joint venture.
Investment Opportunities.

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Our Reference

Wahoud Group cooperated with leader local and international companies in several fields. This kind of relationship enriched our experience in a direct anindirect way. It was one of the main factors of our success by turning our vision from ideas to integrated projects:

1 - Conser : Engineering Consultant – Lebanon.
2 - ArtWare Architecture – Syria.
3 - Junada Int.Ltd – UK.
4 - Pro finance – Lebanon.
5 - Nesco – Saudi Arabia.
6 - Green Line – UAE.
7 - Concorde Dubai – UAE.
8 - B.E.S.T – Lebanon.
9 - Business West.
10 - eBizguide.

Offices Worldwide

Syria :
8 Rue Mahdi Bin Baraka
Damascus - Syria
Te l : + 963 11 333 31 71
+ 963 11 333 34 79
Fax : + 963 11 333 35 64
P.O.Box : 12632

U.S.A :
Hereford PA 18056
Tel. : + 1215 541 1775
Fax : + 1215 541 1776
P.O.Box : 333

United Kingdom :
Suite 4 – Farleigh House
Farleigh Court – Flax Bourton
Bristol - BS48 1UL -UK
Tel. : + 44 1257 461 234
Fax : + 44 1275 461 222

Email :