About Us
Our company has been established in 1983. in Syria and currently has offices in Beirut - Lebanon, Amman - Jordan, and Bristol - UK. And recently an office in Dubai. The business of the company is broadly based and embraces the introduction of the international companies into the Levant. In Syria our range of contacts both in the public and private sectors is impressive and therefore it is in a position to identify real opportunities and valid market.

We are major developers and investors in very important projects in Syria especially in tourism and real estate fields.

Besides importing some wide range of products into the market, we are following the execution of major contracts for the companies that we represent with different government establishments such as: The Syrian Railways, Tartous port, Public Establishment for Electricity, Public communication establishment, Syrian Petroleum Company, Banias Refinery, Ministry of Housing and Ministry of Tourism.We work steadily humbly but efficiently. Our company is selective about the companies we support and also in protecting those companies interest by a careful selection of the contracts and projects that are introduced to them. We have been successful in helping the companies that we represent in Syria to obtain signed contracts and more importantly to progress them into implementation.



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